Hello, I'm Julie Sun.
A Product & UX Geek

Things I worked on

I’ve worked on B2B HR systems, B2C sales systems, mobile apps, and more recently on AI and VR projects. I adapt quickly to new technologies and am always putting an effort to keep up with industry standards and trends.

***Portfolio undergoing updates as I'm relocating to London, UK. Thanks for understanding. =)***

Case Study

Expense System

An internal web application for expense approvals

Case Study

UI Framework

A Merge of Design styleguide and UI framework

Restaurant POS System

POS system designed for a family run Pizza restaurant

Coming soon

VR Showroom

Software application turning 3D environments into VR

Internal CRM

An event check-in app for internal and external events

Case Study

AI Platform Service

AI training, Data management and testing platform

Coming soon

Chargeback System

Web app for IT services to track and expense their clients

Coming soon

Project Intelligence Tool

Web app integrated with dev tools to streamline projects

Shopi App

Mobile app for shoppers to keep track of their go-to groceries' sale prices

Coming soon

Appraisal System

Internal web app that allows for employee feedback

Coming soon

UBO USB Protection

A hardware product that secures and protects computer systems from attacks

Foodster App

Mobile App for Foodies to enhance their delicious journeys

Web Application

A social platform connecting Influencers with their Fans

BodyFuel App

Nutrition Education App

Interactive Html Card

For Corporate holiday greetings to external partners and clients

I design and consult

Feel free to inquire about how I can help improve your products and services.

Product design

What problems are you trying to solve? What should be priortized? Let's work together to idenitfy, investigate and validate the problems and ultimately craft, design, test, and ship the solution.

UX Design

What kind of experience do you want to craft for your users? It's the art of balancing the business objectives and customer expectations through discovering, defining, researching, prototyping, and understanding with all the stakeholders.

User Interface Design

How can the visual experience of your product align with your brand and values? Relying on informed design decisions to ensure the transference of a product’s development, research, content and layout into an attractive, guiding and responsive experience for users.

A bit about myself

Julie Sun

A Design & Technology Geek
UX Consulting in London, UK.
Grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Born in Shanghai.

I’m a hybrid UX/UI designer with 5+ years of experience working on web, web-app and native app projects. I typically own the end-to-end design process either as sole designer or lead designer on larger projects. I’m very experienced in discovering user needs through research, creating interactive prototypes, wireframes, journey maps, and mock-ups. I enjoy bringing design, product and dev needs together with my positive attitude and team spirit. I’ve worked on B2B HR systems, B2C sales systems, mobile apps, and more recently on AI and VR projects.

Known for being a rapid prototyper, UX advisor, and idea cranker, I am humbled to have the opportunity to help various technology startups with their product direction, design, and creation. I am passionate about technology, human behaviour, and all things design and have an affinity with designing for mobile and web applications. Something about building tools that add value (whether extrinsic or intrinsic) in others' lives that is just so romantic.

My favourite tool for protyping and design is Sketch with its plethora of plugins. I'm also skilled with Balsamiq, Marvelapp, Axure, Illustrator, and InDesign. Books that have influenced me greatly include The Alchemist, The Design of Everyday Things, Change by Design, and anything written by Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Ariely. When I'm not designing interfaces, sketching in my notebook, or thinking about the next big idea, I like to go for walks, do zumba, play badminton, and listen to my favourite podcasts.

What I like to chirp about

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